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Show Your Love With a Dozen Roses?

A long time ago, before the Full Van Fun was Full or even a Van (but still Fun), this poem was a very special Valentine’s Day gift. Drawn upon years of working in a flower shop, this poem is a slightly different spin on the idea that roses are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

8 is Enough Questions for Laurie Berkner

Laurie Berkner’s bouncy heartfelt melodies have brought joy to children throughout her career are her new album, Superhero, is no exception. Enjoy this new #8isEnoughQuestions interview with Laurie and some really unique questions!

White House Easter Egg Roll

2016 was a year full of excitement for our family. From the birth of our 7th to our big move to Oklahoma, it was nothing short of remarkable. One of the highlights of this incredible year was spending the day at the 2016 White House Easter Egg Roll!

8 is Enough Questions for Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb is a talented singer-songwriter whose twenty year career has spanned number one hits, television, business, and music for families. Lisa has now partnered with Amazon to release her new “Feel What You Feel” album and sing along video for her “Nursery Rhyme Parade” album.

2016 Holiday Music Advent Calendar!

We are excited to announce our own Holiday Music Advent Calendar. Come back to this article each day as we reveal a new music video for each day counting from December 1st to December 25th. Enjoy!

Experience Being Lighter than Air with iFLY

This weekend, the Full Van Fun crew is excited to check out the new iFLY in Oklahoma City and tell you all about it – from both the adult as well as the child perspective.

8 is Enough Questions VIDEO with Andrew & Polly

At the end of September 2016, Andrew & Polly released their latest album, EarSnacks: Songs from the Podcast. We joined them a couple of weeks before the release at the Wiggle Out Loud Festival in Oklahoma City for our first VIDEO #8isEnoughQuestions interview. As it turned out, 8 wasn’t enough and Andrew & Polly even switched it around to ask us a couple of questions!

8 is Enough Questions for Caspar Babypants

With his characteristic plinks, plunks, and thunks, Caspar Babypants (aka Chris Ballew of The Presidents of the United States” music is existential acoustic innocence.

8 is Enough Questions for Chef Jernard Wells, the Chef of Love

With his joyous, genuine, and charming demeanor, Chef Wells knows all about food and family as an Executive Chef based out of Atlanta, a best selling author, and parent of 9 children with his wife of 16 years. He is a perfect addition to our #FarmtoFamilyFoodChain series.

More Favorite Kindie Halloween Tunes – these go to 11!

Last year we presented ten of our favorite Kindie Halloween tunes, but we left off a couple of deserving songs and this year a few new ones have come along. So, we decided to make another list, except this time, with one more. These go to 11!