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Christmas Calendar Countdown!

Starting on December 3rd, we’ll count down each day to Christmas with some of our favorite holiday tunes!

8 is Enough Questions for Jack Forman

Jack Forman, Recess Monkey bassist, Beatles/Star Wars aficionado, and host of Sirius XM KidsPlaceLive’s Live from the Monkey House, joins us for an 8 is Enough Questions interview to celebrate his recently released his first solo album “Songs from the Monkey House” with Amazon!

Stairs, Zips, and Sno Cones

Stairs, zips, and sno cones – a perfect Oklahoma day with Riversport Adventures in Oklahoma City, OK and Eskimo Sno

8 is Enough Questions for Jazzy Ash

Do you like music that has a swing, a soul, and a smile? A voice that harkens to tradition and a bouyant spirit that fills every heart in the room? Then you will L♥VE Jazzy Ash!

The Good, Cool, Awesome, and Ridonculus of Legoland California

Legoland California was our 10 yr old’s favorite part of our summer road trip and he wanted to share the good, cool, awesome, and ridonculus of his experience.

8 is Enough Questions for Mindy Thomas

As Program Director of Sirius XM’s Kid’s Place Live and on-air host of the award winning Absolutely Mindy Show, Mindy Thomas is a leading voice in “Kindie” music, passionate advocate for children’s literature, and absolutely entertaining!

Kids to Parks Day! May 20, 2017!

The National Park Trust Kids to Parks Day is a national day of play at parks, big and small, all around the U.S. on Saturday May 20th.

8 is Enough Questions with Amy Lee (Evanescence)

Amy Lee’s “Dream Too Much” is the musical child of her work with Evanescence reflecting the gentleness and innocence of youth and bringing a tender smile to those who listen. We are excited to share our #8isEnoughQuestions with the incredibly talented Amy Lee!

“Serotonin” World Premiere from Mista Cookie Jar!

We are so excited to premiere the new “Serotonin” single from Mista Cookie Jar! With his first solo release since last year, Mista Cookie Jar’s new groove gets your smiles swaying and your chemicals blazing. Through a blissful beat and an ocean of joyful emotion, “Serotonin” is a sonic electronic scientific mnemonic about the neurotransmitter “Serotonin” and the important role it plays in your brain.

Heidi (2017 DVD): A Timeless Tale and Visually Stunning

The story of Heidi has been told, retold, and most recently captured in a beautiful and heart-warming 2015 German film by Alain Gsponer. Now, for the first time, this film is available in the United States exclusively through Walmart. The whole Full Van Fun crew loved the movie and we’re excited to share our review as well as give you a chance to win a copy!