On May 21, 2016 we joined Buddy Bison on an adventure for National Park Trust’s Kids to Parks Day and this is our story…


The rainy gray sky on Kids to Parks day
Could not keep brave Buddy Bison away


Entering the park, he saw something odd
A brown brick building that time had forgot


Pausing a moment he kept on his way
Over empty canals not used today


He followed the path toward a roaring sound
When a small new friend on a stair he found


“Be careful Buddy the river is strong!”
Buddy thanked her and continued along


Reaching the roar, Buddy thought this was great
The rock riddled falls were really first rate


He watched the water roll over and roar
Safe from the river and ready for more


Downstream to a new park around the bend
Buddy entered across a trickling glen


Corrugated cupcakes welcomed him in
“Pottery,” a sign said “Craftsmen within”


Soon the path opened to another world
With a Spanish Ballroom where dancers twirled


“Hey! Over here! You don’t want to miss this!
Lights! Animals! Whirling musical bliss!”


So Buddy got in line, ticket ready
Climbed onto a horse but felt unsteady


Holding on tight going up, down, spinning
Buddy and horse were ear to ear grinning


After so much fun Buddy had to go
All of the park’s amusements were now closed


With one last stop Buddy found the best way
To end a wonderful Kids to Parks Day!

The End

So, do you know the names of the parks we visited with Buddy Bison? The first park was…


Great Falls Park in Virginia and Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C.! How about the 2nd park? It was…


Glen Echo Park, a historic amusement park just outside of Washington D.C. in Maryland! Full Van Fun is all about families, parents and children together sharing farm to family food, epic travel, great music, and more. Whether it is stories about incredible destinations like Craters of the Moon, interviews with family friendly musicians like Grammy Award winning Danny Weinkauf of They Might Be Giants, or recipes like our Twisted Cinnamon bread, be sure to sign up for our mailing list!

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Photo credits: Full Van Fun