The Whizpops‘ released their new album, “Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix Vol. 1”, back in May for National Endangered Species Day. A band named the Whizpops? Ranger Rick? Endangered Species? We were skeptical that this album would fall into the trap of trying too hard and limit its appeal. Instead, “Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix Vol. 1” perfectly balances fun melodies, danceable grooves, and educational messages that all ages can enjoy!

So how does a Full Van Fun review work? Each member of the family listens to each song and scores it as AWESOME, average, or not awesome.  We total up the scores for each song as well as the whole album (e.g. if everyone in the family scores every song as AWESOME, then the album would be 100% AWESOME, if everyone scores every song as average, it would be 50% AWESOME, etc.).

The Songs We Liked

  • Black Footed Ferret (100% AWESOME) – With tapping piano and a rapping ferret, this song is a jazzy pop ode to these opportunistic endangered prairie dog predators.
  • Bison (100% AWESOME) – The Whizpops ability to combine multi-layered rhythms and melodies is perfectly illustrated in this stirring lament for the fate of the bison.
  • Extinction Really Stinks (100% AWESOME) – This power ballad epic finale reflects the melodies and message of the entire album in a single symphonic treat.
  • California Condor (94% AWESOME) – Organ, reggae beats, strong harmonies and clever use of “carry on” made this scavenger anthem nearly perfect.

The Songs We Didn’t

  • None! All the songs scored at least 69% AWESOME!
Blue sky, yellow flowers, and the pink of soil makes the Badlands a beautiful place to take photos. Erosion at its best!

The Whizpops and Ranger Rick (Photo credit: Whizpops)

Final Score

Overall, we give the Whizpop’s “Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix Vol. 1” an excellent 84% AWESOME (in other words, better than 4 out of 5 stars). With three songs at 100% AWESOME (plus one at 94%) and none we didn’t like, you can dance, learn, and celebrate endangered species everyday with the Whizpops and “Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix Vol. 1“!


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Disclosure: Full Van Fun was provided a copy of the album for possible review.