Last year we presented ten of our favorite Kindie Halloween tunes, but we left off a couple of deserving songs and this year a few new ones have come along. So, we decided to make another list, except this time, with one more. These go to 11 (and in no particular order).

Werewolves Rock (Gustafer Yellowgold)

Everyone has a special werewolf in their heart: Michael Jackson in Thriller, Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf, Remus Lupin in Harry Potter, etc. This is a rocking seasonally appropriate ode to all of those special werewolves, vampires, dragons, and more. If you missed our #8isEnoughQuestions interview with Gustafer Yellowgold, you can find it here.

I Am Not Afraid (Renee and Friends)

When we originally reviewed Renee and Friends “Simpatico”, “I Am Not Afraid” was one of our favorites. This upbeat symphonic declarative duet with Caspar Babypants is perfect for Halloween or any time of year.

The Boy Who Cried El Chupacabra (The Hipwaders)

We learned of this song literally the day after we published last year’s list. So when we decided to put together a new list for 2016, this tune from The Hipwaders, was one of the first we decided to add. Not familiar with El Chupacabra? Check out this link from Animal Planet.

Sneaky (Uncle Dox)

This new song from Uncle Dox is a perfect way to get the ghosts and ghouls at any Halloween party grooving. It would also be an epic soundtrack for a large scale synchronized Halloween light display (hear that Edwards Landing Lights?).

Bumps In The Night (KB Whirly)

Creaking floors and wind rattling windows are just a couple of the rumbly grumbly noises KB Whirly celebrates with this tune, set to classic clips from Scooby-Doo.

It’s Halloween (Lucy Kalantari)

With haunting voices and instruments, Lucy Kalantari’s “It’s Halloween” perfectly captures the spooky spirit of the season.

Jackalope (Okee Dokee Brothers)

Okay, Jackalope isn’t exactly a Halloween song, but it’s pretty close. Mysterious animal? Check. Howling? Check. Nighttime camp cameras? Check. Definitely Halloween-ish, plus, it’s a really fun song.

Rattlin’ Rattlin’ Bones (Boxtop Jenkins)

Get up, dance, and rattle your bones to this spooky groovy tune from Boxtop Jenkins.

The Skeleton Band (Sara Lovell)

This great new tune from Sara Lovell combines many of the elements we enjoyed in other songs on this list – haunting yet fun, creepy yet cool.

Hallo-What?! (Josh and the Jamtones)

Slap bass and Halloween? Must be Josh and the Jamtones and must be epic.

Monsters (Secret Agent 23 Skidoo)

In our last song, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo celebrates “Monsters” as the funky foils that keep heros like Batman from being “just a dude in a rubber suit cold chillin'”

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