At the end of September 2016, Andrew & Polly released their latest album, EarSnacks: Songs from the Podcast. We joined them a couple of weeks before the release at the Wiggle Out Loud Festival in Oklahoma City for our first VIDEO #8isEnoughQuestions interview.  As it turned out, 8 wasn’t enough and Andrew & Polly even switched it around to ask us a couple of questions!

Thank you Andrew & Polly for joining us in our first VIDEO #8isEnoughQuestions interview and don’t forget to check out their great podcast, EarSnacks.

If you have missed any of our other #8isEnoughQuestions interviews with authors like Daniel Pinkwater and artists like Caspar BabypantsJustin RobertsSecret Agent 23 SkidooEmily ArrowMista Cookie JarThe Not ItsMike PhirmanDanny Weinkauf of They Might Be GiantsTurkey AndersenLucky Diaz and Alisha GaddisBryan Vander Ark of The Verve Pipe, Play DateRecess MonkeyAndrew and Polly, Greg Page (Original Yellow Wiggle)Rissi Palmer, Jim Cosgrove, and Tim Kubart, be sure to check them out!

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