A long time ago, before Full Van Fun was Full or even a Van (but still Fun), this poem was a very special Valentine’s Day gift. Drawn upon years of working in a flower shop, here’s a slightly different spin on the idea that roses are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!


Valentine’s Day

I took the box into my weary hands
Gazing upon its shiny glossy perfect ivory top
The bright bold contrasting red bow blossoming over the box
Spreading its streamers from tip to toe
And beneath a cellophane crystal window
Stared twelve sculptured roses deep in wonder, beauty I
Looked once more to the sign in the store:

I pondered personally why, why must I,
Is my love a dozen roses?

The bow brash bold gaudy showy too ostentatious
Adorning a box?
Does love have distinct dimensions folded together from a sheet of paper?
No, so, these items I dispensed, grasping to my awakening hands
The roses and green in a bundle but the roses?
Twelve little perfect manicured lifeless rotting petal bearing stems
That stab and jab at one’s skin these domestic neon signs of love
Their wild mysterious living exuberance was left buried with the roots
Let them join the package in the gutter, for how can these symbolize my love?

All that remains is a sturdy green vivid
Vibrant with water droplets seeking refuge in the forgotten eaves of its face
I gaze upon this fern, simple in grace, and leave.

My love is not prepackaged and tied with a bow
Simple is mine, yet not limited
My love is not molded and withering
Vibrant is mine, yet tempered

Here is but a fern, yet with it all my love
I am but a fern, accenting my favorite rose,
In beauty glorified in love supported
Alone is the rose without any fern
Dull is the fern without any rose
For this rose I have searched
Among the meads between the briars
And quiet in the corner, growing among the greens,
Glowing radiant with the sun, I found you
Needing no box, needing no bow,

My perfect rose.

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