We are so excited to premiere the new “Serotonin” single from Mista Cookie Jar! With his first solo release since last year, Mista Cookie Jar’s new groove gets your smiles swaying and your chemicals blazing. Through a blissful beat and an ocean of joyful emotion, “Serotonin” is a sonic electronic scientific mnemonic about the neurotransmitter “Serotonin” and the important role it plays in your brain.

We asked Mista Cookie Jar about the inspiration for this tune as we weren’t sure if it came from his daughter’s science class in high school or perhaps the song “Fitter Happier” by Radiohead?

Radiohead is always an inspiration. Been listening to them since I was 12. And you can’t not be influenced by “Fitter Happier” when you use the robot voice and you’re a Radiohead fan. I’m definitely coming from a whole other universe with it, though, for sure. I’m always influenced by opposite ends of the artistic chakra wheel. Musically, I seem to have a decent hold of the happy molecule. So I thought I’d double down and drop some science wit it.

A big inspiration for the song would be the study of medicine. Both my parents are doctors. Many of my relatives are somehow involved in the medical profession. I didn’t grow up to be a doctor, but as a musician, I regularly rock out at hospitals. Being around this field, I’ve learned up close the many ways folks contribute their time and energy to medicine — towards the progressing of its technology and the scientific understanding of what the human body goes through. I’m no doctor or scientist, but I know the end goal is helping the human race. I thought, how can I contribute as a Mista Cookie Jar kinda dude towards helping the good folks out there musically feel these vibes of healthiness, happiness & hope? Hmm…well, I’ve learned that pure positivity and some good ole unconditional love is sometimes that magic ingredient that helps so much in ones road to feeling better. So I tried to write a song all about that “yay” feeling. I love it! Hope you guys do too 🙂

“Happily before,

right now, and ever after.

Open up doors

To warm smiles and laughter.”

We hope you enjoy this new tune and pick it up at iTunes or other online retailer. Purchase of great songs, like this one, helps support independent musicians, like Mista Cookie Jar, who dedicate their careers to letting serotonin flow like the ocean.

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