As we started to compose the story about our first visit to Legoland California, our 10 yr old asked if he could write it. You see, Legoland was his favorite part of our 2017 San Diego summer road trip and he wanted to share the good, cool, awesome, and ridonculus of his experience. So without further ado, one day at Legoland California, from his perspective:

On our Trip to San Diego and back, we went to pretty amazing places like Zion Canyon or Carlsbad Caverns, but one destination tops them all: Legoland California Park & Resort. Here’s our report on (almost) all the rides and attractions.

What we did in Pirate Shores

1. Splash Battle: awesome

2. Pirate Reef: awesome

What we did in Fun Town

1. Kid Power Tower: cool

2. Junior Driving School: Ridonculus

3. Driving School: awesome

4. Fire and Police Academy: good

5. Adventures’ club: good

What we did in LEGO Friends Heartlake City

1. Mia’s Riding Camp: 👿 [Editor’s note – our 6 year old girl vehemently disagreed with this ranking]

What we did in Explorer Island

1. Coastersaurus: cool [Editor’s Note: Safari Trek was also cool – vote from the 4 year old who rode this while the bigger kids rode Coastersaurus]

What we did in Castle Hill

1. The Royal Joust: good

2. The Dragon Coaster: awesome

3. Knights Tournament: awesome

What we did in Miniland USA

1. Las Vegas: awesome

2. New Orleans: awesome

3. New York: awesome

4. Southern California: awesome

5. San Francisco: awesome

6. Block of Fame: awesome

7.Washington, DC: awesome

What we did in LEGO Star Wars Miniland

1. LEGO Star Wars Gallery: awesome

2. Episode 1: Naboo: awesome

3. Episode 2: Geonosis: awesome

4. Episode 3: Kashyyyk and Mustafar: Ridonculus

5. Episode 4: Tatooine: awesome

6. Episode 5: Hoth: awesome

7. Death Star Model Display: Ridonculus

8. Episode 6: Endor: awesome

9. The Force Awakens: Jakku: awesome

What to do in LEGO Ninjago World

1. Kai’s Spinners: cool

2. Cole’s Rock Climb: cool

3. Jay’s lightning Drill: cool

4. LEGO Ninjago The Ride: Ridonculus

5. Zane’s Temple Build: awesome

What we did in Land of Adventure

1. Lost Kingdom Adventure: awesome

2.Cargo Ace: good

Reballian beats Storm Hooper!!!

What we did in Imagination Zone

1. LEGO Technic Coaster: Ridonculus

2. AQUAZONE Wave Racers: awesome

3. LEGO Show Place 4D: awesome

4.Pizza Mania: awesome

Hope you enjoyed our review. Try out Legoland and see how amazing it is!!!! And stay tuned for our new posts. See you next time!

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Photo credits: Full Van Fun

Disclaimer: Four tickets to Legoland California were provided to Full Van Fun by Legoland California. However, the opinions are our own – especially our 10 year old’s!