“Disco Dancing Mama” by Fancy Pants and Mista Cookie Jar is an infectious glittery groove that you will make you sway, bump, and move. You will play this song over and over until your platform shoes wear down to sandals. Fancy Pants (aka Amy Hersey) is a shimmering new voice in Kindie music with her own original songs, her new Banana Squared project with Uncle Dox, and this new fondue fantastic collaboration with Mista Cookie Jar and Spin Doctor’s bassist, Mark White. So get ready to groove and glisten like your favorite 70s listen!

“She’s a mother like no other, taking care of all your brothers and sisters since they was babies. She’s amazing on the daily. But she got this disco itch or should I say a disco gift. Cuz when that disco ball’s-a-callin She gets that disco party started.”

We hope you enjoy this new tune and pick it up at AmazoniTunes, or other online retailer. Purchase of great songs, like this one, helps support independent musicians, like Fancy Pants and Mista Cookie Jar, who bring fun and funk to families everywhere!

As a bonus, we also have a very special 8 is Enough Questions with Fancy Pants. In this very special episode, Mista Cookie Jar will ask Fancy Pants a series of serious questions about shiny food and disco balls. Enjoy!

Where did you get your name? Do you like to wear Fancy Pants?

I love wearing fancy pants, fancy skirts, fancy shoes, fancy make up, and anything that’s over the top with unicorns, cotton candy colors, ruffles and bellbottom sleeves. Mark White is who named me Fancy Pants. What started as a nickname became my persona.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

My super power would enable me to grow and change the color of my hair instantly to match with any fancy outfit. I think my super hero name would be, “The ability to change hair instantly girl”! Weird but super cool!

How did you first start getting into childrens’ music?

I started writing adult music and then one day my family and I started singing a song we made up called “Chocolate”. My husband and my son loved it so much that I knew right at that moment I was going to be a kids pop artist. I had no idea that there was such an underground world of kids music until I dove right in. I’m grateful to be working with amazing people and I’m loving every moment!

It was really cool how we wrote this tune. You just cold emailed me an MP3 and I was like, I gotta get on this and do my thang! Then you got Mark from the Spin Doctors on the bass — took it to another level! How did you meet Mark — I understand he helped you get into making music. Word?!?

It truly is super cool how we’ve collaborated and worked on this project completely digitally. Since we both have professional home studios the possibilities are really endless. I met Mark at his show for the Spin Doctors in Tampa back in 2013. I’ve known Mark for several years now, and he’s practically my family. We work together on several projects and when I wrote this tune about myself, I knew that with Mista Cookie Jar’s awesome styling and Mark’s awesome bass skills had to be a part of this amazing collaboration. Mista Cookie Jar has always rocked my Radio and I’m honored he chose to work with me on “Disco Dancing Mama”! You both killed it! Mark recorded 4 bass parts in a matter of minutes in my home studio and Mista Cookie Jar chose which bass lines he wanted to use, wrote his vocals and wham, we have a hit record! Mark is a huge influence in my life, and he’s also my mentor. Mark taught me how to write a song using professional software, the elements of mixing in mastering, and the whole process of what to do to make my dream a reality.

What got you into disco? Are you a real life Disco Dancing Mama or is it just a character from the song?

About two years ago I developed a passion for EDM music and anything with a hard electronic beat. I think that disco is a fantastic combination of both styles of music, and every time I would play studio 54 radio, even when cleaning house, my senses would come alive. I soon became obsessed with disco, and my wardrobe, my hair, and my taste of furniture all reflect my passion for disco music. I even have a 4 ft disco ball hanging in my foyer. Now that’s Fancy! Anytime I’m cleaning house, you’ll find me dancing to disco with gloves, sparkly jackets and my favorite duster. When Van McCoy’s “The Hustle” comes on, I put down my supplies for 3 minutes while I John Travolta in my living room. Thankfully my family understands my crazy passion and they join right in!

Do you have a unicorn? Does it have a name?

Of course Fancy Pants has a unicorn. My Unicorn is named Bunny, even though she’s not a bunny! Bunny the Unicorn typically eats fruit Loops and skittles, and sometimes the yellow flowers out of my garden. Have you ever smelled a skittles burp? Coming from a unicorn, it’s delicious!

What are your favorite dance moves when your doing chores and running errands?

My favorite dance move is definitely the hustle because I can do it by myself or with a group. However, my husband Rich and I often do the bump together, which I love too! My family and I quite often disco dance all around the house. It’s really fun to be silly together, and it’s definitely a memory that my 8 year old son Damian will remember. Those yellow rubber gloves and cleaning spray become a part of my daily disco wardrobe!

Who is your favorite musical inspiration?

This is probably the easiest question for me out of everything. My musical inspiration is Alison Goldfrapp. Alison, along with Will Gregory make up the group Goldfrapp, which mainly consists of electronic and dance with an eclectic mix of melodies and genres. Alison‘s vocal range is incredible from pop to operatic. They are both English artists who have shaped and inspired who I am as an artist. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her in New York, and I can’t wait to see her again!

What is your favorite song to play loud in your minivan for your family?
My favorite song I love playing loud in the minivan besides “Disco Dancing Mama” is “Stomp” by The Brothers Johnson. We jam like we are dancing in a nightclub, and you can see that disco ball turning in the rear view even though we’re just in the school parking lot.

Do you like shiny food?

I happen to love shiny food. Most people use salt pepper for seasoning, but not Fancy! I choose to use glitter as my seasoning of choice. It does get in my teeth though, and looks quite interesting when I smile!

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