It’s hot. Really, really hot – at least here in Oklahoma. But thankfully, Mista Cookie Jar has teamed up with Uncle Dox to channel their inner Jack Johnson and create a bouncy smooth groove that will keep you cool all summer long. We so excited to premiere Mista Cookie Jar Chillin’ featuring Uncle Dox.

We have to check, but that may be the first time we’ve heard Acai bowl and Okee Dokee Brothers in a rap. Just perfect. We tracked down Mista Cookie Jar and Uncle Dox as they were chillin’ from the summer heat to ask them a few questions about their new tune.

What’s your favorite way to cool off during the summer?

Mista Cookie Jar – I been chilling on the beach! Love the ocean waves & ocean breeze. Feels so good on the skin. The sand and sun is soothing too. Lately, I’ve been getting my feet wet with my saxophone, serenading the shore. Love the crashing sound of the waves. It’s a kind of music. Beautiful, open and peaceful. I’ve been playing saxophone since I was 7. It’s such a release to wale on that thing. Strumming my guitar and singing is always a fun beach pastime too. Reggae music is my favorite thing to sing, especially on the beach. Also love bumping some house music in my Bluetooth speaker and just let loose, dancing in the sand. Love me some beach time. It’s been that kind of summer!

Uncle Dox – When it comes to trying to “beat the heat” I came up with a good hack as a kid. I take my hat, drench it in water and toss it in the freezer for a bit. Also a classic kiddie pool is great.

#2 Why Mista Cookie Jar? Why Uncle Dox? 

Mista Cookie Jar – CJ is my day to day name. C is for Cookie. J is for Jar. Cookie Jar! Mista is an acronym for Mystic Innocent Strolling Through Awesomeness. I named myself that. Kind of like my shaman name. The little light that I’m shining, so to speak, is that I’m super connected to my inner kid— and I’m practically 40. Guess it’s my super power! Like somehow I can slip in and out of my 4 year old self and my 40 year old self. Cookie Jars are a great place to store cookies too. I always have treats and beats in the cookie jar. It’s bottomless!

Uncle Dox – Uncle Dox the name, is very simple. Who’s the best person ever to a kid, your fun uncle. And the way I have fun and make music is unorthodox.

#3) What is the hottest day you can remember?

Mista Cookie Jar – The hottest day I can remember was with my best friend Luke. We were driving along the 10 in the Arizona desert, across the country — I was helping Luke move. He had all his stuff packed in this small beater while we were squished tightly in the front. We had been driving 4 days straight and the sun was beating down, easily 100 degrees plus. Did I mention the AC was broken? It was absurdly hot, we both agreed. There was only one thing to do being so bored, dripping with sweat — the last thing you’d ever do in such heat. We turned up the car radio really, really loud (it just happened to be playing the Merrymen’s “Feeling Hot Hot Hot”) and, remember that broken AC?, well the HEATER part worked just fine and we cranked that thang way up! It just seemed like the silliest thing to do. We were so pathetically hot, cranking up the heat just seemed so beautifully redunkulous. Imagine 2 dudes, drenched in sweat, rolling across the desert in a beat up car full of stuff, dancing to the island sounds in their scrunched up little spaces, singing at the top in their lungs, “Feeling hot hot hot…”! It gave us a good laugh and great hottest day story.

Uncle Dox – I’d say the hottest day I have in my brain comes once a year. In September in Minnesota it is fair season, they even call the MN state fair…the great Minnesota sweat together. And every year I make it out to the state fair seems like your walking on coals in an oven but is an absolute blast cause it’s all a state of mind. I deal with both extremes…20 below to tickling 100° and if you just mind frame yourself. Every temp is the best ever and I live the heat so I appreciate the winter.

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