It’s November! We can’t believe that Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season is right around the corner. As the temperatures get colder and the lights start to glisten, we’re brought together. Mista Cookie Jar‘s new single “All I Need Is You” is the perfect song for this moment, for this season, and for your family. Give a listen to the new tune (below) and then learn more about the song through our latest #8isEnoughQuestions interview with C.J. Pizarro aka Mista Cookie Jar!

How do you feel right now? 

So good. So great. #grateful

What does “All I Need is You” mean to you? 

Sometimes plans just fall through — whether out going to a restaurant with the fam bam and the wait is too long or going to see a movie with you’re friends and there are no good seats left. But at the end of the day, as long as we’re goofing around having fun, spending that “QT with my cuties,” it’s ALL GOOD. Hanging out, being silly — that’s my favorite part of a vacation or an outing. When its all said and done, it’s the best part of life. The fun, silly, goofy times. It’s a genuine feeling — just wanted to spread the vibes and appreciate it officially. 

What inspired “All I Need is You”? 

So many things inspired this song. But one thing that comes to mind is the movie, Aladdin. One of my favorites — both the old AND the new one are SO good. Aladdin had access to all the riches in the world, but what made him happy was love, whether it was love for Jasmine or for his friends, the genie, Abu, or the Magic Carpet. I see a parallel with this song. Sort of a similar lesson. At the end of the day, what’s most important is love. Love is all you need!

Why did you choose that beat?

The beat chose me! I play the song at my shows here in LA with my guitar. Chords are just D, E min, G and back to D. So the 808’s, the claps, bells and whistles just kinda formed around the chords. Voilà!

Any musical inspirations with the song?

I’m a big Pokey LaFarge fan! And I’ve recently dived back into Flaming Lips. Oliver Tree and Tyler the Creator or all over my Spotify playlists — I can thank my kids for getting me hip to those 2 artists. The Beatles are my favorite group — my parents love the Beatles too. Beatles are always an inspiration. 

Did you write the song with this time of year in mind?

I did! So much about the song is about counting your blessings. I associate that with November and Thanksgiving. Autumn vibes for sure. I live in LA now, but I grew up in West Virginia — the Appalachian hills have beautiful autumn hues during the season. I’m Filipino but the West Virginia is deep in my bones for sure!

Does where you live affect “your sound”? 

I’m a Filipino-American born in Georgia, grew up in Alabama and West Virginia. I’ve lived in Washington DC in my 20’s and have lived in Los Angeles over 15 years. So I’ve got all sorts of musical rhythms and melodies in blood.  What comes out when I record is all natural. I don’t think about it too much! 

What do you have coming up?

Stay tuned for more singles in the next few months and a new record in 2020! Jazz, motown, hip hop, blues, and more! I’m brewing up a soul jambalaya. So stoked for the new tunes!

Thank you Mista Cookie Jar for a seasonal sensational song and wonderful interview! Interested in more family friendly music that parents and children can both enjoy? Check out these artists like Amy Lee (Evanescence)Lisa LoebAndrew & PollyCaspar Babypants (Presidents of the United States)Danny Weinkauf (They Might Be Giants)Bryan Vander Ark (The Verve Pipe), Rissi Palmer, and Jack Forman. Interested in travel stories about amazing destinations and adventures like the White House Easter Egg Roll, Santa Fe or Craters of the Moon? How about interviews with authors like Daniel Pinkwater or celebrity chefs like Fabio Viviani, Marc Murphy, and Robert Irvine? What about recipes, ranks, reviews, or other tips for families? We cover all of this and more at Full Van Fun!

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