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8 is Enough Questions for Jazzy Ash

Do you like music that has a swing, a soul, and a smile? A voice that harkens to tradition and a bouyant spirit that fills every heart in the room? Then you will L♥VE Jazzy Ash!

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Album Review – Danny Weinkauf and “Red Pants Band”

This month, Danny released a new self-titled album from his own “Red Pants Band”. The whole family LOVED Danny’s previous album, “No School Today”, so we were anxious to give this one a listen. If you like Danny Weinkauf, They Might Be Giants, or perfectly melodic infectiously peppy rock with an occasional clever educational twist, “Red Pants Band” is the album for you!

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Album Review – Renee and Friends “Simpatico”

Renee and Friends “Simpatico” is melodic convergence of singer Renee Stahl (Renee and Jeremy) and an impressive collection of well-known artists such as Lisa Loeb, Maya Rudolph, and Glen Phillips. As demonstrated in Renee and Friend’s latest video for “You Were Meant To Be” (one of our favorite songs on the album), “Simpatico” is an album of soft wonder and quiet bliss.

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Album Review – Josh & the Jamtones’ Rocksteady

Rocksteady is funkified fusion of ska, reggae, punk, and rock rhythms layered with blazing horns, resounding organs, grooving guitars, insane drums, and happy voices all focused on getting you to “shake your Tailfeather”. In short, Rocksteady is AWESOME.

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Album Review – Mighty Mo Productions’ Smiles Ahead

With a bright spirit, Smiles Ahead is both a wonderful introduction to the “Kindie” genre while still offering something new for the established “Kindie” fans. Smiles Ahead delivers on its promise of bringing smiles to everyone in your family.

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Album Review – Tim Kubart’s Home

Tim Kubart’s new album, Home, is a reflection of his pop spirit – fun, melodic, upbeat and always trying, sometimes a little too hard, to bring a smile n’ groove to his audience.

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