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8 is Enough Questions for Jazzy Ash

Do you like music that has a swing, a soul, and a smile? A voice that harkens to tradition and a bouyant spirit that fills every heart in the room? Then you will L♥VE Jazzy Ash!

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8 is Enough Questions with Amy Lee (Evanescence)

Amy Lee’s “Dream Too Much” is the musical child of her work with Evanescence reflecting the gentleness and innocence of youth and bringing a tender smile to those who listen. We are excited to share our #8isEnoughQuestions with the incredibly talented Amy Lee!

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New Music! Chibi Kodama “Boredinary”

With a distortion derecho, great rhythm, clever wordplay, and the whole family singing along, Chibi Kodama’s “Boredinary” is the lead single from their new album “Stardust” which releases May 27th. Enjoy!

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What is Full Van Fun?

Stories, interviews, reviews and more from our life as a mom, dad, and seven kids focused on travel, farm to family food, and family friendly music that the “full van” (i.e. parents & kids) can enjoy.

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